Graduation Requirements

Requirements to Graduate

The process of graduation begins when an application to graduate is completed and submitted via GULFLINE.  Students will apply during the semester prior to the semester they plan to graduate. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for submission and deadline dates for each semester. Late submissions will only be accepted in extenuating circumstances.

After completing the online application process, contact your academic advisor to verify that you have met all university and college degree requirements. The requirements necessary for each degree offered are listed in the University Catalog. It is the student's responsibility to understand these requirements and to ensure that their academic record is accurate and up to date. These requirements must be completed prior to or by the end of the term. If a student does not meet all of the requirements, the degree will be denied by the appropriate college and new a graduation application submission is required.

A degree audit will be conducted in Degree Works.  Degree Works is a web based advising and degree planning tool accessible through the student Gulfline portal. Learn more

Degree Works organizes a student's coursework in an easy to read degree audit summarizing completed and outstanding requirements for a degree, as defined in the FGCU catalog. Learn more


  • Change of Grades

  • Incomplete Grades

  • Transfer Coursework

  • Service Learning

  • Outstanding Fees

Graduation Process

Once you have submitted your application to graduate via GULFLINE, your advisor will begin the process of verifying graduation requirements. A final determination is not made until the end of the term when all final grades have been posted. The degree certification process takes four to five weeks after the term is closed. Once the degree is certified, the application will be forwarded to Records & Registration for the degree to be posted to the student's academic record. If a student is denied graduation they must reapply in a subsequent term.

How to submit your online application to graduate

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  1. Access GULFLINE
  2. Click on 'Student & Financial Aid'
  3. Click on 'Student Records'
  4. Click on 'Online Graduation Application'
  5.  Follow each step, in order to fill out the application correctly.
  6.  Before submitting the application, please print a copy for your records. 

Associate in Arts

Applications for an AA degree must be submitted to the appropriate academic advisor for approval any semester after completion of the requirements but prior to an application for the baccalaureate degree.

If you have any questions, please contact the Records & Registration at (239) 590-7980 or emailing