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Meet the Honors Ambassadors

The Honors College Ambassadors (A - Team) are dedicated students that represent the Honors College through service at recruitment and community events. Honors Ambassadors demonstrate academic achievement and involvement within the Honors College, and at Florida Gulf Coast University. 

Want to connect with an Honors Ambassador or set up a time to learn more about the Honors College at FGCU? The Honors College offers both virtual and in-person opportunities to connect. Please contact honors@fgcu.edu or stop by our office (Reed Hall 155).


Major: Accounting '24

Minor: Entrepreneurship

My favorite experience in the Honors College is the Honors Embedded course from my minor, "Venture Funding".  I conducted research on what made a crowdfunding campaign successful and was later able to present my research using Honors Development Funds at a national conference.


Major: Psychology '24

Concentration: Neuroscience and Cognition

Minor: Biology

Hey guys! My name is Dominique Berrette, or Dom for short, and I am an Honors Ambassador! I am originally from Fort Myers, Florida, and I am a current senior at FGCU. I am majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience and a minor in Biology, and with the dream of becoming a doctor. I am the Vice President of Global Medical Brigades, as well as the Vice President for Project Narrative. In my free time I love playing tennis and crocheting.


Major: Entrepreneurship '24

Minor: Management

The Honors College has helped me become more well-rounded by providing opportunities to engage within FGCU and the community. I have been fortunate to go on two study abroad trips, one to Peru and one to Dubai and Saudi Arabia, with the help of the Honors College.
Major: Psychology '24

The Honors College and their resources have played a huge role in my experience here at FGCU. The Honors Development Fund allowed me to study abroad and complete an internship in Sorrento, Italy. I was also able to complete an independent study with a professor on Criminal Competency through an Honors Experience. 

Major: Psychology '24

I love that the Honors College is invested in helping students meet their personal and professional goals with intention. The Honors Elements are like a holistic guide that helps students find direction as they navigate college. 

The Honors experiences have been great in helping me find opportunities that will actually help me achieve my goals of becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and professor. The Honors College gives me the push I need to be confident and ambitious. As a result, I am now a paid research assistant, school psychology intern, and honors ambassador!


Major: Biology '26

Concentration: Pre-Professional

Hey nerdy birds! My name is Kayla, and I am a Biology major hoping to go to medical school once I graduate. My favorite part of the Honors College is all the organizations I have been introduced, such as Global Medical Brigades, which I now have a leadership position in.

Major: Nursing '25

My favorite part about the Honors College is the endless opportunities you have to be able to further your education. Like an Honor's thesis or taking Honor's standalone courses and so much more. I love being a part of the Honor's community as well. Being surrounded by people with similar goals and aspirations is inspiring. 

Major: English and Communication '24

This is my second year serving as an Ambassador. I am also a social media intern for the Honors College. I completed a creative thesis in the Spring 2023 semester. It was a short story loosely based on my freshman year of college. 


Major: Bioengineering '25

Minor: Mathematics

I love being part of the Honors College, because it's a close and small community - which helped me a lot when moving out of state. I love animals and writing poetry in my free time, whenver I'm not studying in the library! I hope to eventually go to master's school and pursue pharmaceutical engineering.


Major: Healthcare Administration '26

Minor: Medical Humanities

My favorite part of the Honors College is the family environment and community I have become a part of. The Honors College host events regularly for students to get to know each other, alerts are sent out in the Monday Messages, along with other honors resources. There is so much support from the staff and other students that you don’t have to worry about asking for help, and you can always find someone to study with!

Major: Biochemistry '25

I am a Junior and I enjoy getting involved in research opportunities on campus. One thing I enjoy of being part of the Honors College is being able to try new things. There are plenty of different opportunities for students. Whether it is through classes or outside of campus, there is something new to discover, and being able to expand my experience in different fields is one of them. 

Become an Ambassador

2024-2025 Honors Ambassador Application is now open! Click below to join the A-Team.

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The Criteria for Serving as an Honors College Ambassador Include: 

  • Commitment to the Ambassador program for the entire academic year, unless graduating during the academic year.
  • Attend A-Team training during the fall semester, and a regroup at the start of the spring semester.
  • Complete 10 Ambassador points each semester. Point earning activities include, but are not limited to: recruitment events, panels, and providing support for the Honors College Admission process.
  • Maintain good standing within the Honors College. 
  • Demonstrate a positive representation of FGCU, the Ambassadors, the Honors College, and of oneself.
  • Must be enrolled as a fulltime undergraduate student in the Honors College for at least one semester before applying.  
Students sharing info about honors college
 Honors students sharing information about the Honors College at Eagle Expo, an FGCU admissions event.

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