Honors Ambassadors

Meet the Honors Ambassadors

The Honors College Ambassadors (A - Team) are dedicated students that represent the Honors College through service at recruitment and community events. Honors Ambassadors demonstrate academic achievement and involvement within the Honors College, and at Florida Gulf Coast University.   Meet the 2020 - 2021 Honors Ambassadors.

Want to connect with an Honors Ambassador or set up a time to learn more about the Honors College at FGCU? Contact us at honors@fgcu.edu.  


Honors Ambassador Christian

Major: Exercise Science

Christian's favorite Honors College activity so far was attending the annual Grocery BINGO event! Students play rounds of BINGO in hopes of winning groceries to take home.
Honors Ambassador Jessie

Major: Biology

Jessie's favorite Honors College activity so far was participating in the Immokalee Immersion Service Weekend and conducing research in Dr. Paull's Organic Chem lab.
Honors Ambassador Katelin
Major: Biology
Katelin's favorite Honors College activity so far is her past course, Honors: Revolution in the Modern World. Katelin says, "This discussion based first-year sequence course has a unique atmosphere that has allowed us all to get to know one another on a deeper level."
Honors Ambassador Mia
Major: Biology
Mia's favorite Honors College activity so far is her past course, Honors Cell Biology with Honors Faculty Fellow, Dr. Rhodes. The Honors section of Cell Bio produced a lab audit to quantify the use of single use plastics and biohazardous chemicals.
Honors Ambassador Sam
Major: Resort and Hospitality
Sam's favorite Honors College activity so far is attending the Honors College Thanksgiving event. Honors College faculty, staff, and students join together to give thanks and share a meal.
Honors Ambassador Shawn
Major: Management
Shawn's favorite Honors College activity so far is his past course, Honors Introduction to Philosophy with Dr. Nguyen.
Honors Ambassador Sophia
Major: Secondary Social Science Education
Sophia's favorite Honors College activity so far was her study away to Zuni, New Mexico, where she was able to research the education system of the Zuni Native American Tribe.

Become an Ambassador

Applications for the 2021 - 2022 Honors Ambassadors closed February 18, 2021 at 11:59 pm. Applications will open again Spring 2022.

The criteria for serving as an Honors College Ambassador include: 

  • Commitment to the Ambassador program for the entire academic year, unless graduating during the academic year.
  • Attend A-Team training during the fall semester, and a regroup at the start of the spring semester.
  • Complete 10 Ambassador points each semester. Point earning activities include, but are not limited to: recruitment events, panels, and providing support for the Honors College Admission process.
  • Maintain good standing within the Honors College. 
  • Demonstrate a positive representation of FGCU, the Ambassadors, the Honors College, and of oneself.
  • Must be enrolled as a fulltime undergraduate student in the Honors College for at least one semester before applying.  
Students sharing info about honors college
 Honors students volunteering at Eagle Expo.