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Honors Ambassadors

Meet the Honors Ambassadors

The Honors College Ambassadors (A - Team) are dedicated students that represent the Honors College through service at recruitment and community events. Honors Ambassadors demonstrate academic achievement and involvement within the Honors College, and at Florida Gulf Coast University. Meet the 2022 - 2023 Honors Ambassadors.

Want to connect with an Honors Ambassador or set up a time to learn more about the Honors College at FGCU? The Honors College offers both virtual and in-person opportunities to connect.

Connect with the Honors College

Honors Ambassador Ashley
Major: Political Science '23
Through the Honors College Monday Messages, I was introduced to the Dominican Republic Outreach Program (DROP). I now serve as the President for this service-based organization, and I couldn't be happier.
Honors Ambassador Barjon
Major: Accounting '24
My favorite part of the Honors College so far has been the involvement as an Honors Ambassador. I  have served for two years, and I enjoy talking with prospective students at events like Eagle Expo and Say Yes to the Nest. I also have met other Honors students that share similar experiences as me, as an Honors Ambassador.
Honors Ambassador Dominique
Major: Psychology '24
My favorite part of the Honors College so far is the Honors Embedded Courses such as "Brain and Behavior," "Psychology of Death and Dying," and the Honors Standalone Course, "The Seven Deadly Sins."
Honors Ambassador Gustavo
Major: Political Science and History '25
My favorite part about the Honors College has been the benefits that it brings to you. As a double major, the access to priority registration has allowed me to take awesome classes that otherwise would not have been available. As a result, I've been able to connect with several professors by working on Honors Contracts and Embedded courses while expanding my education.
Honors Ambassador Kendyl
Major: Nursing '25
My favorite part of the Honors College was my first year sequence course in Anatomy and Physiology I. I loved having a super small class size, getting to know my peers, and finding friends that have similar interests and career aspirations. I enjoyed being able to have a good relationship with my professors. It was a great introduction to FGCU and the Honors College.
Honors Ambassador Mackenzie
Major: Construction Management '25
I loved taking the Honors Standalone course, "What is an American," because it opened my eyes to many different cultures and perspectives and the Honors College is all about helping students become more well-rounded individuals. 
Honors Ambassador Madelyn
Major: English and Communication '24
I enjoy the different academic opportunities within the Honors College. There is something for everyone, regardless of major. As someone who enjoys creative writing, I love that students can create a film, short story, or play for an Honors Thesis. It's a great way to include everyone's academic background. 
Honors Ambassador Marykate
Major: Biology '25 
My favorite part of the Honors College is all of the leadership opportunities. Some of the first leadership experiences I  have at FGCU are Serving on the Honors Senate previously, and as a current Honors Ambassador. Both have helped me grow as a leader.
Honors Ambassador Michelle
Major: Political Science '23
My favorite part of the Honors College is the classes. I have taken a few Honors Embedded Courses, and I have been able to learn more about the subject through these opportunities. My International Relations course embedded project allowed me to focus on women in India and other parts of the world, helping women become education and active members of society.
Honors Amassador Ryan
Major: Secondary Math Education and Mathematics '23
My favorite part of the Honors College is the Honors Thesis. I just recently started the Honors Thesis process, and I was able to pick a topic I am personally interested in, that combines both of my majors and strengthens my knowledge in both fields.

Become an Ambassador

Applications for the 2023 - 2024 Honors Ambassadors closed Friday, March 3 at 11:59 pm. 

The Criteria for Serving as an Honors College Ambassador Include: 

  • Commitment to the Ambassador program for the entire academic year, unless graduating during the academic year.
  • Attend A-Team training during the fall semester, and a regroup at the start of the spring semester.
  • Complete 10 Ambassador points each semester. Point earning activities include, but are not limited to: recruitment events, panels, and providing support for the Honors College Admission process.
  • Maintain good standing within the Honors College. 
  • Demonstrate a positive representation of FGCU, the Ambassadors, the Honors College, and of oneself.
  • Must be enrolled as a fulltime undergraduate student in the Honors College for at least one semester before applying.  
Students sharing info about honors college
 Honors students sharing information about the Honors College at Eagle Expo, an FGCU admissions event.