Honors College FAQs

After Applying to FGCU, Do I Have to Apply to the Honors College or Will I Be Automatically Accepted?

  • For new, first-time-in-college students (freshmen), if you are accepted to FGCU and meet the academic criteria listed on our Admissions page, we will contact you with your invitation to apply for the following Fall. Invitations are emailed to the email address you provided when applying to FGCU. See the admissions page for additional deadlines and details.

  • For transfer students or current FGCU students, if you meet the academic criteria listed on our Admissions page, we will email your invitation to apply to your EagleEmail account within the first two weeks of the semester. Transfer and current student admissions takes place each fall and spring semester.

What Are the GPA & SAT/ACT Requirements for the Honors College as an Incoming First-year Student?

  • To be eligible for an invitation to apply to the Honors College an incoming first-year student must meet at a minimum one of the following requirements: 3.7 weighted GPA, 1220 SAT, 25 ACT, and be admitted to FGCU by the date posted on the Honors Admission page.  Eligibility is based on the initial information provided in the FGCU admissions application. The Honors College is not automatically notified of updates to test scores and GPA. Please reach out to honors@fgcu.edu to notify, if you believe this impacts your eligibility. Updates will be acknowledged, if they match the FGCU records and if the Honors College is notified before the close of the Honors college admissions application. 

I Got Accepted into the Honors College. What Now?

  • Congratulations! Make sure you complete your Honors College reservation form to confirm your seat in the Honors College. Continue to check your Eagle Email regularly as we will continue to send you important information and updates before the start of the academic year. Be sure to update our office if your preferred email (your non FGCU Eagle Email) or mailing address changes, especially if you use your High School's email system, which you may not be able to access after you graduate
  • Stay up to date on any necessary items to complete to ensure your FGCU admissions decision. Check the FGCU Office of Undergraduate Admissions webpage for more information, and make sure to check your Eagle Email regularly. 

Is Honors Housing Mandatory?

  • All incoming first-year Honors students have the option to live in our Honors Living-Learning Community (LLC) in FGCU’s South Village. The Honors community is located on the fifth floor of Palmetto Hall and houses the majority of our first-year Honors students. If you choose to live in the Honors community, you will be able to easily connect with the other Honors students in your year, and you will also have the benefit of participating in the one-hour per week Honors Living-Learning course, which connects students to the best features of Honors at FGCU, such as undergraduate research, study abroad, service learning, nationally competitive scholarships, leadership opportunities, and more. Living on campus in the Honors community is not a requirement, but is encouraged of all first-year Honors students. There is no difference in price or amenities in Honors housing.

  • Honors Housing for students who are not first-time-in-college is located in FGCU’s North Lake Village in close proximity to Eagle’s Landing and the lakefront picnic and recreation area, and is directly on the waterfront. The Honors Building is a 96-bed, apartment-style residential building. There is no difference in price or amenities in Honors housing.

Do I Have to Attend Eagle View Orientation AND Honors Kickoff?

  • Yes. Eagle View Orientation (EVO) is FGCU’s mandatory orientation for all new FGCU students. All new students are required to attend an Eagle View Orientation session before your first semester of classes. Any questions regarding EVO should be directed to FGCU’s Office of New Student Programs at 239-590-7875 or orientation@fgcu.edu.  In addition to attending Eagle View Orientation, all new Honors students are also required to attend an Honors Kickoff. For first-time-in-college students, Honors Kickoff will take place after move-in in August, so you do not need to plan an additional trip to FGCU over the summer.

What Are the Requirements to Apply to the Honors College If I Am a Current Student at FGCU?

  • If you have completed at least 12 and less than 75 total credit hours and have a 3.5 or higher GPA, you will receive an invitation to apply to the Honors College. If you fall outside of the admissions invitation criteria and are interested in applying, we recommend that you fill out our Admissions Appeal Form, open at the beginning of each current student admission cycle. Read our full admission process for current students on our Admissions page.

What Are Some Benefits for Students in the Honors College?

  • The Honors College offers many benefits inside and out of the classroom. View benefits to learn more.
  • Some examples of benefits include: priority registration for courses, smaller class sizes, additional advising support, the opportunity to complete a thesis as an undergraduate student, Honors study-abroad/away, development funds, Honors leadership, and Honors events. 

I’m in the Honors College Now, Does This Mean That Honors Will Show Up on My Diploma?

  • At the time of graduation, if you are in good standing with Honors and have successfully completed the academic requirements and have a minimum 3.50 GPA, your transcript will show the "Graduated with Honors" designation. Students that successfully complete the Honors Scholars Curriculum will have Honors College designated on their diploma as well.

What Are the Honors Experiences?

  • There are ways to earn Honors Experiences through Digital Badges or through the 5 Experiences: Liberal Arts, Study Abroad, Service, Research and  the Honors Contract Experience. Depending on the Honors curriculum, students are required to complete one to two experiences prior to graduating. There are  many opportunities to complete them. 

What is an Honors Mentor?

  • An Honors Mentor is an Honors student who was once where you are and is able and happy to help you navigate your way through FGCU and Honors. They are a peer mentor, not a tutor. They will help you acclimate, organize, get involved, get connected, or simply find the right office!  They will meet with you throughout your first year in the Honors College. All incoming first-time-in-college students in the Honors College are required to participate in the Mentoring Program

If I’m Not a First-time-in-college Student can I Still Have an Honors Mentor?

  • Yes. If you would like an Honors Mentor, please contact the Mentor Programs Coordinator, Lindsay Rushworth, for more information. 

Does the Honors College Host Events?

  • Honors Events are an important component of our experience-based learning philosophy. They are an opportunity for Honors students to experience diverse opportunities at FGCU, engage in and lead activities exemplifying the Elements of Honors, and build community with fellow Honors students as well as the greater FGCU community. Event information is shared through the Monday Messages (weekly Honors College newsletter) as well as through our EagleLink page.

Do I Receive Priority Registration Once I Am Accepted into the College?

  • Yes. Honors students in good standing are granted priority registration to ensure ease of course registration. Typically, students’ registration dates are determined by the number of credit hours they have completed, allowing students closer to graduation to register earlier than other undergraduates. However, Honors students in good standing are allowed to register on the same date as seniors with earned credit hours of 110 and above. Read more about all of the benefits of being an Honors student on our Benefits of Honors page. Incoming first -time-in-college students register for classes at Eagle View Orientation so priority registration is not applicable for the first semester.

Could I Be Put on Honors Probation?

I Have a Question About My Schedule, Who Should I Contact?

  •  You should contact an Advisor in the Exploratory Advising Office with any questions regarding course schedules, Honors credit hours, Honors Experiences, Honors curriculum, etc. 

Is the FGCU Honors College an Honors Society?

  • No - the FGCU Honors College is an official academic College at Florida Gulf Coast University, with courses, curriculum and faculty all integrated with FGCU. The FGCU Honors College is not an honors society.  Students are frequently offered membership in a wide array of honors societies, but are often concerned about their value and legitimacy. In general, the honors societies that have a chapter on campus are an honors you can proudly place on your resume. You can reference the website of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) for more information on honors societies. ACHS was founded in 1925 as the impartial certifying agency for college and university honor societies. According to its website, "ACHS sets standards for organizational excellence and for scholastic eligibility for the various categories of membership: general, specialized, leadership, freshman, and two-year honor societies." You can find a list of certified members of ACHS at the ACHS Member Societies page.