Executive Board

The Honors Executive Board (HEB) serves as the Honors College's faculty advisory board. HEB members help set the college’s policies and participate in important activities such as admissions, recruiting, and Honors events. Members serve renewable, three-year terms beginning at the first fall meeting of the year they are appointed. The Honors College director or any other member of the Honors Executive Board may nominate faculty for appointment to the HEB.  Every academic college at FGCU has a minimum of one representative on the board.


Meet the Members:

Allison Bacigalupi
Director, Exploratory Advising
Office: Library West, Room 201E
Phone: 239 590-1096
Derek Buzasi, PhD
Whitaker Eminent Scholar  
Office: Department of Chemistry and Physics
Phone: 239-590-1285
Debra Giambo
Office: College of Education
Phone: 239-590-7814
Charles Gunnels, PhD
Director, Office of Undergraduate Scholarship
Office: Undergraduate Studies
Phone: 239-590-7210
Tanya Kunberger
Department Chair/Associate Professor
Office: Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering
Phone:   (239) 590-7644
Dr. Maggie Hambrick
Professor, Communication
Office: Department of Communication and Philosophy
Phone: 239-590-7369
Jan-Martin Meij
Program Coordinator/Assistant Professor
Office: Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Phone: 239-590-1884
E-mail:   jmeij@fgcu.edu 
Clay Motley, PhD
Dean, Honors College
Office: Reed Hall
Phone: 239-590-7490
E-mail:   cmotley@fgcu.edu 
Minh Nguyen, PhD
Associate Director, Honors College
Office: Reed Hall
Phone: 239-745-7569
Galen Papkov, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: Mathematics 
Phone: 239-745-4322 
Peter Reuter, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office: Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Phone: 239-590-7512
Jessica Rhea
Senior Director, Professional & Career Development
Office:  Library 451
Phone: 239-590-7016
E-mail:  jrhea@fgcu.edu 
Dr. Bryan Schaffer
Associate Professor
Office: Department of Management 
Phone: 239-590-7476
Gerritt VanderMeer
Associate Professor
Office: Department of Visual & Performing Arts
Phone: 239-590-7245