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Highlighted Honors Courses

Highlighted Honors Courses

Check out some highlighted Honors courses for the Fall 2022 semester.  

***To note: These are not the only Honors Courses offered for the Fall but just our highlighted courses. For a full list of Honors Courses, go to 'Course Schedule' in Gulfline, and type 'HONS' in the Course Attribute box.




Trails for Tails - Jessica Rhea

Wednesdays from 9:30a - 11:10a, CRN: 10801, IDH4638C, 2 Credits

Watch the video to meet Professor Jessica Rhea and learn more about the course. This class is restricted to Honors College students. Students will learn about the principles of services learning, build teamwork and project management skills, while performing environmentally focused service projects.



Honors Readings: GRIT Perseverance Jessica Rhea

Restricted to Honors College students. What’s the Secret of Success? According to pioneering psychologist Angela Duckworth, the secret to outstanding achievement is a unique blend of passion and perseverance she calls “GRIT.” You will discover how to grow your own personal grit.

Wednesdays from 3:30p - 4:20p

CRN: 84459


1 Credit

Honors: Comm Health Inequality Rachel Walter

Students will use real healthcare industry tools to think critically about community health and develop innovative solutions to local SWFL health disparities and inequities.

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:30p - 5:45p

CRN: 84441


3 Credits

Honors: Medical Illustration Valerie Weiss

Do science and art belong together? This course will familiarize the student with the art of medical illustration, including its history, techniques, and varied applications. Students will spend the class time drawing. Students should enjoy drawing and be willing to communicate science through art.  

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1:30p - 2:45p

CRN: 85154 IDH2931 

3 Credits

Honors Readings: JEDI Science B. Thomas

In this discussion-based course we will explore issues of justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the STEM disciplines.

Wednesdays from 12:30p - 1:20p

CRN: 85151


3 Credits

Honors: Culinary Medicine Krista Casazza

Culinary medicine course teaches students the power of food in promoting health and fighting disease.  The course will encompass nutrition lectures, culinary demonstrations, hands-on kitchen sessions, and grocery store excursions to engage students in real-life applications of healthy nutrition. Topics will utilize an evidence-based approach centering macronutrient profile within the major food groups—fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and protein—represented in the dietary guidelines. Navigating the food group’s nutritional makeup, portion sizes, supply and cost, and clinical applicability in nutrition as medicine. 

Tuesdays  10:30a - 1:15p

CRN: 85155


3 Credits

Honors: Intracultural Advocacy Debra Giambo

This course will focus on developing intercultural advocacy skills through the implementation of effective advocacy activities in the intersection between students’ fields of study and/or intended career path and related culture-based issues. Students will learn about advocacy skills, critical analyses of issues, advocacy organizations, policies, collaborations for a support base, communication with relevant policymakers about a key issue intended to bring about a positive change in policies and/or practices, and the importance of intercultural considerations in implementing sustainable solutions.

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1:30p - 2:45p

CRN: 85153


3 Credits


If you have any further questions about these courses, please email honors@fgcu.edu