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Grad Walk FAQs

What to expect

  • Where will Grad Walk take place?

  • How is Grad Walk structured?

  • Do I need to register for Grad Walk?

  • How many guests can I invite?

  • Do I need to register each guest?

  • Will parking be available?

  • Is the Spring | Summer 2022 Grad Walk ADA accessible?

  • How do I check in for Grad Walk?

  • What’s a reader card?

How to prepare

  • What should I wear?

  • Where can I order a cap and gown?

  • I rented my regalia. How do I return it?

  • How do I get an official FGCU Graduation Medallion?

  • Where can I see the virtual commencement?

  • Will I receive my diploma as part of Grad Walk?

Why Grad Walk?

  • Why Grad Walk?

  • Why can I attend a basketball game at Alico Arena, but not a commencement?

  • Is Grad Walk forever?

  • How did you gather feedback on the Grad Walks?