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General Information 

Housing Administrators 

Jameson Moschella Director, University Housing  
Vacant  Associate Director, Residence Education


Amelia Cepeda Associate Director, Business Operations

Ron Dalton  Associate Director, Facilities

*submit apartment maintenance request on the Housing Web Portal

Liz Ingrao Assistant Director, Residence Life (North Lake Village & West Lake Village)

Lindsey Johns Assistant Director, Residence Life (South Village)

Sherrelle Findley Assistant Director, Conduct & Training

Robert House  Assistant Director, Budgets 

Jason Ingrao  Assistant Director for Assignments & Billing

Dennis Reffler Coordinator for Computer Technology

Alyssa Jo Johnson  Resident Director (South Village; Biscayne Hall)

Sabrina Schroeder Resident Director (North Lake Village Groves, Buildings N, O, P, Q, R, S, T) 

Leila Abdel  Resident Director (South Village, Eagle Hall) 

Sean Sukys Resident Life Coordinator (West Lake Village)

Brady Turner Resident Director (North Lake Village Glades, Buildings K, L, Cypress, Oak, Mangrove, Pelican, Egret, Falcon, Sandpiper)

Lawrence Haye  Resident Director (South Village, Osprey Hall) 

Rachel Rodriguez Resident Director (North Lake Village Gardens, Buildings A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, Honors, I, J, M)

Casey Remspecher Resident Director (South Village, Everglades Hall) 

Brittany Platin  Resident Director (South Village, Palmetto Hall) 

Tiffany Sukys  Coordinator for Residential Student Conduct 

Robert House Business Manager

Anita Spohr Administrative Assistant 

Jodie Lefferts Office Manager, Administrative Offices 

Maria Arroyave Senior Secretary

Danielle Galipeau  Social Media and Marketing Specialist 

Margo Farrara Account Specialist 

Kesha Jackson  Office Manager 

Mary Eggleston  Office Manager (West Lake Village)

Amy Newton Program Assistant (North Lake Village)

Eric Chrisman  Program Assistant (Biscayne Hall)

Lynne Abbate Program Assistant (Everglades Hall) 

Regina Trabucco  Program Assistant (Palmetto Hall) 
Stacy Parrilli Program Assistant (Osprey Hall)`

 Vacant  Program Assistant (Eagle Hall)


Taelor Rimer Marketing Coordinator

Audrey Appleby Assistant Director of Facilities (South Village)  *submit apartment maintenance requests on the Housing Web Portal
 Jeff Stone  Assistant Director of Facilities (North Lake Village and West Lake Village) *submit apartment maintenance request on the Housing Web Portal

On-Campus Addresses 

Correspondence to current residents should be addressed as follows:

John Doe

1000 FGCU Campus Housing 
insert YOUR apt/room here  (ex. Apt A-3)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

*note: some websites do not recognize the 1000 FGCU Campus Housing address. In these cases, please use the following: 

12101 FGCU Lake Parkway East 
insert YOUR apt/room here  (ex. Apt A-3)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Janey Doe

6000 FGCU Campus Housing 
insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 315-A)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Johnny Doe

9000 FGCU Campus Housing
insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 315-A)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Jane Doe

5000 FGCU Campus Housing
insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 403-B)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Joey Doe

8000 FGCU Campus Housing
insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 226-C)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Janie Doe

7000 FGCU Campus Housing
insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 124)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Jon Doe

17100 College Club Loop Drive
insert YOUR apt/room here (ex. Apt #123)
Ft. Myers, FL. 33913

Front Desk Phone Numbers

North Lake Village  (239) 590-1799
Biscayne Hall  (239) 590-1744
Eagle Hall (239) 590-1824
Everglades Hall  (239) 590-1711
Osprey Hall  (239) 590-1833
Palmetto Hall  (239) 590-1719
West Lake Village  (239) 590-1712