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Miller Analogies Test

The Miller Analogies Test, or MAT, is a high-level mental ability test requiring the solution of problems stated as analogies.

  • Register for your testing appointment.

  • Take your exam.

You have to bring two forms of identification.

You must present two valid (i.e., unexpired) forms of identification (ID). Your primary form of ID must be government-issued and contain both your photograph and your signature. The second form of ID is not required to have your photograph or signature.

Acceptable primary forms of ID (government-issued with photograph and signature) include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Government-issued identification card or passport

Acceptable secondary forms of ID (photograph and signature not required) include:

  • Credit card
  • Library card
  • Utility bill with your name and address appearing exactly the same as on your primary form of ID
  • Student ID

If you provide false identification or misrepresent your identity at any time, you will be dismissed from the testing room and your MAT scores will be canceled. Pearson may consider further legal action in such cases.

Also, be aware that admittance to the Testing Lab does not guarantee the acceptability of your forms of identification or that your MAT scores will be processed. All reported cases of questionable identification are subject to review and approval by Pearson.

Pearson strongly recommends that you bring several forms of ID with you, in case a Test Administrator questions one of them.

In order to request your disability-related accommodations you must follow this process:

Register with Pearson to submit supporting documentation

  • Visit for comprehensive instructions.
  • Please refer to Disability Accommodation on the MAT website to access a printable Accommodations Request Form.
  • If you have any questions about requesting an accommodation after reviewing the MAT website, email or call MAT Customer Relations.

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation may be required if your documentation is not sufficient or you request changes to accommodations initially requested. To process your request for an accommodation, Pearson must notify the Office of Testing and Assessment Services of the additional information at least six weeks before the desired examination date.

Register and pay for your testing appointment with the Office of Testing and Assessment Services using Registerblast.

  • Register for your testing appointment on Registerblast; select the desired date and time of your appointment.

    • Indicate during registration that you are requesting ADA accommodations for your MAT examination. Provide your full name and contact information.

  • Testing and Assessment Services will email you to confirm that you are planning to take your exam with ADA Testing Accommodations approved by Pearson. We will then confirm your accommodations with Pearson.
    • Depending on the approved accommodations, you may be asked to contact the Office of Adaptive Services to schedule your testing appointment with them. They will assist you in submitting a Test Schedule Form. Please let the Office of Testing and Assessment if the date and time scheduled by Adaptive Services differs from your Registerblast appointment.

On the day of your test, you must check-in with Testing and Assessment Services.

  • Review the Exam Day Requirements before arriving; make sure that you have all required materials with you.
  • If you are taking your exam in the Office of Adaptive Services, a staff member will walk you down to their testing rooms.

Retaking the MAT With Accommodations

If you receive special accommodations for a MAT administration and then wish to retake the MAT with the same accommodations within one year, you will need to submit a new Accommodations Request Form but will not need to provide the supporting documentation a second time. However, you must contact MAT Customer Relations to confirm that your original documentation is still current and on file.

Additional Information


Performance on the MAT is designed to reflect candidates’ analytical thinking, an ability that is critical for success in both graduate school and professional life.

Through analogies with content from various academic subjects, MAT scores help graduate schools identify candidates whose knowledge and abilities go beyond mere memorizing and repeating information.

The analytical skills measured by the MAT are key to success in graduate school and are highly valued by graduate programs. For more than 50 years, the MAT has proven to be a reliable and valid test for assessing candidates for graduate school. Predictive validity studies conducted by Pearson and by independent researchers have shown positive correlations between MAT scores and subsequent success in graduate programs.

You may find more information on the MAT Candidate Information Booklet.



Miller Analogies Test

MAT Customer Relations
19500 Bulverde Road, Ste. 201
San Antonio, Texas 78259

 (800) 622-3231

Business Hours

Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Central Time



Study guides are available at local bookstores and the campus bookstore.

Please visit Pearson’s MAT webpage for more information, such as how to prepare for the test.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your testing time.

If you arrive after testing begins, you will not be admitted.

Follow directions.

Listen carefully to all the instructions given by the Test Administrator and completely follow all the directions and regulations required by Pearson.

Provide your Social Security number (U.S.) or Social Insurance number (Canadian) if you have one. Failure to provide this number (if you have one) can delay the processing of your scores, cause difficulties for institutions receiving your scores, and also result in the incomplete reporting of previous test scores.

Provide your signature. Before taking the MAT, you will be required to check a signature box that serves the same purpose as signing your name.

Ask questions before the MAT begins. You are not allowed to ask questions after testing begins.