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Featured Travel Grant Award
Kim Huff
Kimberly Huff 
Assistant Professor
Communication and Philosophy 
College of Arts and Sciences
Conference: National Communication Association
Washington, D.C.
November 21st - 24th, 2013
Topic: Strategies for the Basic Course: Time Saving Techniques to Work Smarter and Not Harder  Kim Huff    For this panel, my presentation focused on the technique of "flipping the classroom" as a way of saving time and bringing innovation and active learning to the Public Speaking classroom.
Kim Huff
  • Public Speaking is a performance-based course in which students develop research, organizational, and presentation skills.
  • The content is best delivered through hands-on activities that allow the students to hone their skills within a supportive classroom environment.
  • In this course, time spent lecturing, while necessary, deprives students of important opportunities to practice the craft of public speaking.
  • Through the "flipped classroom" method, students are able to acquire lecture materials at home. This allows professors to use class time for higher impact learning practices.
  • Flipping the public speaking classroom saves the professor's time and improves the quality of student performance.