Course Syllabus Guidelines

Course Syllabus Guidelines

Faculty should adhere to the following Course Syllabus Guidelines for the development and distribution of a course syllabus by directly including them in the document or posting them in a clear place in the Learning Management System for the course.   

  • On the first day of class, distribute the course syllabus to students either in hard copy or electronically. 
  • Provide a copy to your direct supervisor. 
  • Include any additional course-related information as you deem necessary or as required by your college, department, and/or program. 
  • Ensure that the syllabus and course materials address the needs of students who require Adaptive Services, by working with the offices of Adaptive Services, Information Technology Services, and Digital Learning as necessary. 


Faculty should include a link to the current semester’s Core Syllabus Policies as they include current approved language and policy, including pandemic response, student recordings and more. These policies apply to all courses and do not necessarily need to be repeated in your individual syllabus. You must include reference to the policies in your syllabus, a suggested statement is below: 

Core Syllabus Policies: 
FGCU has a set of central policies related to student recording class sessions, academic integrity and grievances, student accessibility services, academic disruption, and religious observances that apply to all courses at FGCU. Be sure to review these online at:


All syllabi at FGCU must include the following items: 

    1. Course number, course reference number (CRN), and course title 
    2. Semester and year and course credit hours 
    3. Meeting times and locations  
    4. Instructor's name, FGCU rank, and any relevant degree(s), licensure(s), and/or certification(s)  
    5. Faculty office number, campus telephone number, email address, and office hours  
    6. Course description (as listed in Gulfline)  
    7. Pre and co-requisites for the course (as approved by the University Curriculum Team and listed in Gulfline)  
    8. College and department offering the course 
    9. Student learning outcomes for the course  
    10. Required, recommended, and optional textbook(s) and other course materials  
    11. Final exam date and time (if applicable) 
    12. Grading scale 
    13. Grade categories and weights 
    14. Schedule of course activities and assignments, including due dates for papers, projects, and exams, with note that schedule is subject to change with notice. Also include evaluation methods, assessment, and grading policy, and relevant due dates.  
    15. Online/Synchronous/Hybrid/Blendflex/Off Campus course modality information (as applicable)  
    16. If applicable, indicate if the course meets the College-Level Writing Skills requirement (previously called Gordon Rule Writing) 
    17. If applicable, indicate if the course meets the College-Level Mathematics Skills requirement (formerly known as Gordon Rule Mathematics) 
    18. If the course is in the General Education Program, indicate which General Education subject area it satisfies (Communication, Mathematics, Humanities, Social Sciences, or Natural Sciences) and indicate if it meets the General Education Program Intercultural Knowledge competency. 
    19. Attendance policy 
    20. Policy regarding assignment completion deadlines 
    21. Special department or college policies (as applicable) 
    22. A link to the FGCU Core Syllabus Policy Statements on the Provost’s Website which covers information about academic integrity, academic continuity, religious holidays, accessibility services, etc.