Guidelines & Procedures

The final authority for all academic guidelines is the University Catalog. The catalog is published yearly and is based on the academic year.

Students have a right to choose a catalog year for their program of study. However, the choice cannot be from a term that is earlier than the matriculation term and the student must remain in continuous enrollment. Matriculation is defined as admitted to and enrolling in a degree program. Continuous enrollment is defined as enrolling in at least one term in an academic year. On the other hand, Academic Guidelines as listed in the yearly catalog are in effect until revised.  A new policy will stipulate an effective date if other than the academic year in which it was first published.

Students will be notified either through general "all students email" or through their academic advisor of any major changes to academic guidelines.

For all questions on academic guidelines refer to the University Catalog

University CatalogFERPA Veteran Services Excess Hours


  • About Residency Reclassification

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  • Reclassification of Current Students

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  • The State Laws

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Additional Information on Reclassification for Current FGCU Students Only

If you have completed one semester of enrollment at FGCU as a non-Florida resident for tuition purposes and would like to be considered for reclassification, please complete the residency reclassification form. All related and supporting documents must be attached at the time of submission.

Approved residency reclassification will not be applied retroactively to previous terms.

Reclassification form and documents must be submitted prior to the start of the semester for which you are requesting reclassification. The deadlines for submitting the Residency Reclassification Form with appropriate documentation are:

Term Date
Summer 2024

Summer A & C - Friday, 17 May 2024 at 5pm

Summer B (registered for Summer B courses only) - Friday, 28 June 2024 at 5pm

Fall 2024

Friday, 23 August 2024 at 5pm

Spring 2025

Friday, 10 January 2025 at 5pm

Residency Reclassification Form


Cancellation and Reinstatement

  • Cancellation

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  • Reinstatement

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Waitlisting is a new function that academic departments may employ that allows students to add to a waitlist for a course that is full and/or closed.  Once a student has waitlisted for a course section, he or she will receive notification via e-mail if a seat becomes available in that section.  Waitlisted students are notified on a "first-come-first-serve" basis, and once the notification is received, he or she will have 24 hours to register for the course.  If he or she fails to register for the course within 24 hours, he or she will no longer be eligible to register. Waitlisting is not registration or enrollment in the courses.

For more detail information on how to add yourself to a Waitlist, click on the "Instructions for Students" link below:


Students may withdraw from one or more courses after the add/drop deadline with resulting grades of W, WE, WX or WF.   A withdraw request submitted no later than the Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty as published in the academic calendar will earn a grade of W.  A grade of WX will be assigned if the course has a co-requisite that will also be withdrawn.  For undergraduate students, the Withdrawal Limit Rule will apply.  All withdraw requests submitted after the Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty will result in grade of WF (Withdrawal With Academic Penalty).  

Withdrawal from an individual or multiple courses up to the last course for a term can be done via Gulfline, or by submitting a Course Withdrawal form to the Enrollment Services Center.  To withdrawal from all classes in a term, students must complete and return the Term Withdrawal Form to the Enrollment Services Center.  Both forms can be submitted to the ESC in person or via email from your Eagle Email account to

Course withdrawal may impact students both academically and financially.  Prior to initiating the withdraw request, it is strongly recommended that students discuss the academic impact of the withdraw with their instructor and academic advisor.  For the financial impacts, especially related to a term withdrawal, students should discuss with Financial Aid and Student Account Services.

Withdrawal Limit Rule

FGCU has implemented a Withdrawal Limit Rule to help undergraduate students stay on track for timely graduation. This rule limits the total number of courses in which a student may earn a grade of W (withdrawal without academic penalty). Students are allowed to withdraw  from a maximum of five (5) undergraduate courses (numbered 1000-4999) during the period between the add/drop deadline and last day to withdrawal without academic penalty.  Any subsequent withdrawal attempts will result in a grade of WF (withdrawal with academic penalty).  A withdrawal counter is available on your DegreeWorks degree audit on Gulfline.  Withdrawals for approved extenuating circumstances such as medical reasons and active duty military service will not count toward this limit.

An appeal of the rule can be submitted by the student to Records & Registration by completing the appeal form along with a personal statement and supporting documentation.

Please see the FAQs on this topic below.  Additional information about withdrawals and the withdrawal limit rule can be found in the Academic Catalog.

Please note, the withdrawal for extenuating circumstances only applies to undergraduate courses.

Online Petition for an Appeal for Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances

  • Do I need to Appeal for Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances?

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  • What constitutes a reason for an Appeal for Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances? 

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  • How much time do I have to complete an Appeal for Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances?

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  • What grades will show on my transcript if I complete Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances?

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  • How does a WE grade affect my GPA?

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  • What are my refund options? (tuition, housing costs, meal plan, bookstore)?

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  • How long will the process take?

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  • How will I be informed of the outcome?

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  • To whom does the Withdrawal Limit Rule Apply?

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  • How do I know which classes will be used towards the Withdrawal Limit Rule when I withdraw?

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Statement of Free Expression

Florida Gulf Coast University vigorously protects freedom of inquiry and expression and categorically expects civility and mutual respect to be practiced by faculty, students and staff in all deliberations on its campus. As such, the FGCU Community as well as the Florida Gulf Coast University Board of Trustees shares the commitment of the State University System of Florida and the Florida Board of Governors to civil discourse and endorses their commitment with this Statement of Free Expression.