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CAS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Submissions for Fall 2022 Review by CAS-UCC

The priority deadline for curriculum proposals to be reviewed by the CAS-UCC in Fall 2022 will be Friday, January 29, 2021. (All proposals submitted by this deadline will be reviewed.)

All proposals received after January 29th will be reviewed only if time permits, as the CAS-UCC must meet the deadline for submission of materials to UUCT.

For Course Revisions or Proposals

  • Course adds, deletes, and changes need to be entered into the CMS Online:
    • If you are a chair or program coordinator and need access to the CMS, email Rebecca Totaro (
    • Note: if your course add or change involves General Education requirements, you must complete the additional General Education form attached to the course add or change form in CMS.
  • Exceptions
    • If your change only pertains to a course’s repeatability, you need not submit a change form. Please instead email Rebecca Totaro for directions.
    • If your change is only to course title or course number, please reach out to Rebecca or to Curriculum Committee Chair Joe Ross before completing paperwork (
    • If a change to the catalog for a major or minor is necessary, see the directions below.  If no changes are needed to the catalog, the CMS forms will be reviewed as stand-alone courses.

For Major or Minor Revisions

  • Create these documents :
    • Proposal Form
      • Find the appropriate form here (scroll down for access to the forms):
      • Be sure to complete all sections
      • Narrative: include a strong rationale that supports claims with reference to assessment data, industry or discipline standards, resource allocation, etc.
    • Catalog copy revision
      • Copy and paste the “Program Requirements” from the FGCU Program website or “General Requirements” from the FGCU website for the minor.
      • Use tracked changes to show the changes proposed
      • Change catalog year
    • For Program Revisions only (not Minor revisions) include a Curriculum Map revision
      • Get an up-to-date copy from Rebecca Totaro (
      • Revise it at will, no need for tracking changes.
    • Exceptions
      • If your changes include alteration to common prerequisites or other standard categories, such as Restricted Electives, email Rebecca Totaro or Joe Ross ( for information prior to completing the paperwork.
  • Print the documents.
  • Give them to your Chair for review and potential signature.
  • Once the Chair signs, scan all forms as a set or separately to create a PDF.
  • Submit as an attachment to Rebecca Totaro ( and Pi Rice (

For New Major Proposals

If you are proposing a new program, or a global revision to a major, you are strongly encouraged to meet with Cathy Duff and Lucero Carvajal from the Office of Academic and Curriculum Support (ACS). This will help ensure that all state and university policies and procedures are being followed and all program requirements are clear and concise.  Please contact Lucero Carvajal via email or at 239-745-4368 to schedule a meeting. Please note: each program revision is subject to review by College and University committees; a meeting with Academic and Curriculum Support paves the way for but does not guarantee approval.


The CAS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee is available for preliminary consult as well. If you would like to meet with us at any stage of the process, please email the committee chair, Joe Ross ( Here as well is additional information from the University:

  • Committee Members

  • Meeting Schedule