Cannabis Studies Focus

Cannabis Studies Options Under the Integrated Studies Program

Students interested in Cannabis Studies at FGCU may major in Integrated Studies and select from courses in a variety of disciplines that create an integrated and multidisciplinary exploration of the impact that cannabis has on the mind, body, and society. These courses will prepare students to enter the multifaceted cannabis industry via a broad range of academic disciplines. The Integrated Studies degree requires 30 credits, including 12 credits in the Integrated Studies core, plus 18 credits from at least 3 different disciplines.  Students who wish to focus their coursework on cannabis studies are encouraged to choose these 18 credits from cannabis-related elective credits.

This program offers students the ability to focus their studies on cannabis related topics, but is not an official concentration or minor.

Required Core Courses for the Integrated Studies BA: 12 Credits

  • IDS 3300: Foundations of Civic Engagement. Students understand, evaluate, and analyze foundational elements of engagement with the community.
  • IDS 3920: University Colloquium. An interdisciplinary course that explores sustainability and the environment.
  • IDS 4910: Senior Capstone. Students will devise a senior project in their field.
  • IDS 3XXX: At least one interdisciplinary upper level class. IDS 3143 below could count for this requirement. If used as part of the core, students need to choose an additional course to complete the Integrated Studies major requirements.

Cannabis-related Courses: 18 Credits (6 Courses), With at Least 3 Different Disciplines Represented

  • IDS 3138: Cannabis and its impact - 3 credits

  • IDS 3345: Drugs: Mind, Body, and Society - 3 credits

  • CCJ 4933: Marijuana Law - 3 credits

  • IDS 3304: E&E: The Horticulture and Botany of Cannabis - 3 credits

  • AEB 3933: Cannabusiness - 3 credits

  • PCB 3731: Medical Cannabis - 3 credits

  • IDS 3344: Weed Culture - 3 credits

  • CHM 2282C: ST: The Chemistry of Medicinal Plants - 3 credits

  • IDS 4940: Internship - 1-6 credits (variable)