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The idea for the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program originated during the late-1980s through the The Los Angeles Fire Department. Then in 1993, The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) made the program available across the country to help train citizens in disaster response skills.  FGCUCERTLogoSquare.png

CERT members can assist their community during a major emergency when professional help is unavailable. The FEMA CERT Basic Training includes lessons in fire safety, disaster medical operations, light search and rescue, disaster triage and team organization. CERTs can be found across the country, including at the county and city level, as well as on college and high school campuses. FGCU’s CERT is a student organization, which is an adaptation of the above FEMA program, tailored to our campus and community.  Our program is designed for students, faculty, and staff at FGCU who receive both the CERT Basic Training as well as advanced training in specific areas to maximize our effectiveness.



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Meet the officers and interns 

Johan Elrubaie
CERT President
fgcu cert
Gina Albergo
Vice President of Logistics
fgcu cert
Joelle Burley
fgcu cert
Camryn Bossinas
Vice President of Operations
fgcu cert
Savannah Behrens
Public Information Officer
fgcu cert
 Noah Carroll
 Noah Carroll
Team Chief - Bahamas Relief
Shannon Crivellaro
Emergency Management Intern 



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