Students Preparedness


Student Preparedness

As you know, hurricanes are very common in Florida, especially South Florida. FGCU is located off the SouthWest coast of Florida, so before joining the eagles on your exciting journey, it is important to be prepared now before a storm comes!


✅ Before Semester Starts:

Look over each course syllabus to find out information for your classes in case of a hurricane.

You are responsible for turning in coursework outlined in your syllabus on time unless stated otherwise by your professor, even if the campus is closed!

1st Week:

Prepare your hurricane kit! Find out how you can design your own personal kit by clicking on the "Hurricane Kit" link.

Have a "to-go bag" ready in case you need to evacuate quickly - include personal items and important documents.

1st Month:

Set up a financial plan and keep cash on hand!

Local banks and ATMs will likely be unavailable during the storm, and can take a while to open back up once the storm is gone.

Identify multiple evacuation routes and plans, and discuss with your plans with family.





Name Department Email Phone
Natalie Reckard Associate Director, Residence Life - On Campus Students (239) 590-1701
Casey Garcia Assistant Director, Business Services - Meal/Dining Plans (239) 590-1202
Cori Bright-Kerrigan Director, Adaptive Services - Special Needs (239) 590-7941
Timothy Gjini Associate Director, International Services - International Students (239) 590-7690