United Faculty of Florida


Upcoming Meetings:

(No currently scheduled meetings.)

     Click HERE to watch the meeting. (The meeting will start broadcasting once the meeting has been called to order.)

Questions related to upcoming meetings (dates/times/locations), contact Todd (tcaraway@fgcu.edu or (239) 590-1101).
If assistance is needed due to a disability, please contact Todd (tcaraway@fgcu.edu or (239) 590-1101) at least 72 hours prior to the start of the meeting.

fgcu collective bargaining roster division/college
Mr. Michael Mattimore Chief Negotiator
Dr. Tony A. Barringer Academic Affairs
Dr. Tanya Benford Lutgert College of Business
Ms. Megan Clipse Administrative Services & Finance
Dr. Shawn Felton Marieb College of Health & Human Services
Ms. Christina Jordan Student Success & Enrollment Management
Ms. Sara Stensrud Administrative Services & Finance
Dr. Erik Tack Student Success & Enrollment Management
uff-fgcu chapter bargaining roster division/college
Ms. Kara Winton Chief Negotiator, College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Stefan Carpenter The Water School
Ms. Jennifer Fulwider College of Education
Dr. Carolynne Gischel College of Education
Ms. Michelle Leaver College of Engineering
Ms. Rachel Tait University Library
Dr. Serge Thomas The Water School
Dr. Judy Wilkerson College of Education