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First Year Experience Courses

First Year Experience Courses

Are you a first-year student who wants to meet new people? Learn your way around campus? Get good grades? Consider enrolling in a 1-3 credit elective course designed for new students to get off to a great start at FGCU.

SLS 1101 The University Transition (3 Credits)

3-credit hour course focused of helping students build community with peers and navigate the challenges that accompany the transition from high school to college.

SLS 1410 First Year Seminar (1 Credit)

1-credit hour course that students who start in the summer take throughout the first year (3-credits overall) to serve as an extended bridge program.

SLS 1501 Effective Learning (3 Credits)

3-credit hours course that is paired with a high DFW course to serve as supplemental support while learning the academic skills needed to succeed in the subject area with the help of peer leaders.

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The courses offered by First Year Experience helped me transition from high school to college. It answered all my questions and was a safe environment to make friends and find your purpose in college. I would reccomend this class to everyone as it set me up for success at FGCU! ”