Supporting Peers through Academics, Relationships, & Knowledge

Each first year student is paired with a SPARK mentor who can guide you each step of the way from the time you are admitted through your whole first year of college at FGCU. These upperclassmen can answer your questions, point you in the right direction, give you advice, and help ensure you are staying on track for a successful first year. 

To learn more about each of the SPARK Team Members and schedule an appointment, click their photo below!


Meet the SPARK Mentors

To learn more about each mentor and to schedule an appointment, click on their name or photo.

Meet Abby

Abby Peek

Meet Anthony

Anthony Rattigan

Meet Donna

Donna Jarrett

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Steinhoff

Meet ISa

Isa Collazo

Meet Marlee

Marlee Rhea

Meet Tim

Tim Duguay

Meet Matthew

Matthew Bonilla

Meet Melissa

Melissa Kessler

Meet Ryan

Ryan McNamara

Meet Sami

Samantha Maddox