First Year Experience

Welcome, Eagles!

Congratulations on your admission to FGCU! Your admission to the University reflects our belief in your potential to be successful, and we are committed to help you reach it. The next step in your journey to become an Eagle will be attending a two-day orientation program this summer. After you register for an orientation date, you will be contacted by your academic advisor and the two of you will work on your course schedule for your first semester of college! This will happen before your orientation date and the classes selected will be based on your program of study (major), your academic background (high school courses completed, grade point average, and standardized test scores), any college credits you may have completed, as well as your personal interests and goals.

With all this information considered, there are three possible Student Success Pathways that will frame your first year of college, and your Academic Advisor will guide you toward understanding the requirements of your designated Student Success Pathway.

  • Student Success Pathway 1 

  • Student Success Pathway 2