Stay tuned for details regarding Summer 2021 Commencement celebrations. Students be sure to monitor your Eagle Email account.

Spring 2021 Virtual Commencement


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Commencement Information

Graduating Seniors - Don't Forget:

Remember not to (G)litter our campus.  Glitter is plastic and does not break down in the environment.  We appreciate how much you love our campus and know you have no intention of harming our environment or wildlife.  However, birds, turtles, and fish may see glitter as food and whatever ends up on the ground eventually washes out to our wetlands and the Gulf.  There are several eco-glitters (compostable or organic) on the market, ecofetti, small flowers/petals, other photo props or an app to add bling to your photos.  Be creative, be beautiful, and leave our campus glitter free!

Please update your contact information so we can share information after graduation.

*Updating your information through the Alumni office does not automatically update your information through the Office of Records & Registration.  Obtain a Change of Address and/or Change of Name Form on the Office of Records & Registration website.

Important Note:

Graduation and Commencement are two separate functions, and have separate applications. You must apply to graduate in order to receive your degree and diploma; however you do not have to physically attend the Commencement ceremony. If you do plan on attending the Spring, Summer or Fall Commencement, you must apply via GULFLINE by the semester's deadlines noted above under 'Important Deadlines'. Because of growing demand and limited space, it is necessary to strictly adhere to deadlines concerning participation in FGCU commencements. Your cooperation is needed to ensure you do not miss this opportunity! 


TO: All attendees of the graduation ceremonies
Florida Gulf Coast University congratulates all graduating seniors. We want this commencement to be a very proud, memorable, and pleasant occasion for all attendees, including graduates, family and friends.

We have been advised that some among our graduates have allergic reactions to latex and strong chemical fragrances. Therefore, in an effort to provide the most comfortable experience for all participants and guests, we also ask that attendees refrain from the use of latex and scented fragrances during the Commencement ceremonies. Alico Arena currently has a policy prohibiting balloons in the arena and will not allow them to be brought into the arena for the commencement ceremony.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Important Links

  1. Need Special Assistance? Please be advised that accessible seating is limited.  Alico Arena provides accommodations for those individuals with disabilities including elevators, accessible seating, and accessible restrooms. Accessible seating is available at all FGCU venues in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. ADA seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and we request that out of respect for other guests, please limit to one companion seat. If you need the use of a wheelchair we recommend that you bring one with you. Pick-up and drop off at the front of the arena is available before and after the ceremony. Parking map and detail information.
  2. Cap and Gown. For further information on Cap and Gowns please visit the FGCU Bookstore webpage.
  3. Alumni Information
Photo of Commencement

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