Recognizing Faculty Success

March 17, 2020  / Bill Reynolds, PhD  / Tags: success, inspiration, covid, celebration


The Lucas Blog is looking for stories of faculty and student resilience and success during these difficult times. Let us know how you, your peers, and your students are doing, and we’ll post your story as inspiration for others.


One example we’ve heard recently is about University Colloquium. Director Brenda Thomas was on campus throughout the weekend to help faculty, especially adjunct instructors, make the transition to remote instruction. Her efforts will ensure that Colloquium students continue to have the high quality experience they’ve come to expect. Beautiful teaching and support for your colleagues, Brenda!


Part of what makes Brenda’s efforts special is her motivation:  In addition to her concern for Colloquium faculty, she didn’t want to overburden the Digital Learning instructional designers, who have also been working around the clock to assist faculty with this transition. Awesome job CJ Jordanek, Melissa Rizzuto, Nicky Khattapan, Diane Marks, and director, Dave Jaeger. We at the Lucas Center have loads of personal experience with the excellent service provided by the IDs. Now many more faculty do, as well.