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Teaching Resources for Faculty

July 17, 2020  / Bill Reynolds, PhD  / Tags: remote instruction, difficult dialogue, facilitating discussion, resources, covid

We’ve been monitoring the web and various listservs to identify resources you may find helpful as you plan for the fall semester. There is a brief description and a link to more extensive information for each. We hope you find something useful. And, if you have found any other resources to aid your fall preparation, please share them with us and we’ll post them here.


  • Math teaching resources: There are many different online platforms that can be used to emulate the classroom feel of solving or graphing equations on a whiteboard. This article also provides multiple other resources for and examples of how to set up a math class online.
  • Science teaching resources: Giving students the normal hands-on experience while taking a science course is particularly hard in an online setting. This site offers resources for online labs, demonstration videos, and interactive tools that will help the students have that immersive experience in a remote setting.
  • World languages teaching resources: This site gives resources for maintaining student interaction while teaching remotely while offering specific resources for setting up online language courses.


Resources for Inclusive Teaching

  • This site (Effective Teaching Is Anti-Racist Teaching) offers strategies for setting up a classroom that is intentionally anti-racist. It describes how commonly used practices marginalize certain groups and how to rid the classroom of those practices and perpetuate change.
  • A faculty member of Georgetown University created a list of reading materials for fellow faculty on the topic of anti-racism.
  • The two handbooks and guidelines on this website ( can be used to effectively engage students and faculty in the difficult dialogues that we need to have.
  • Although older, this resource ( references past events that called for having challenging conversations. This article contains multiple resources for facilitating challenging conversations.
  • The classroom setting will likely be revitalized, and the societal changes will be an underlying theme of the conversation and conduct. This resource ( gives insight into what to expect with some of these changes and how you can prepare yourself to handle the new classroom environment.


Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex or “BlendFlex”) course design offers students choice and flexibility in how they engage with a course.