Kea Kamiya

Kea Kamiya

Kea is pursuing a dual degree in English and Art. Kea is involved in the Honors College, and has completed an Honors Thesis, where she wrote her own play, Florida Samurai: Exploring Mixed Asian American Identity and Heritage Through Theatre. Kea also serves as an Honors College Mentor and is involved with Reformed University Fellowship. Kea was selected as one of twelve for the Young Playwrights Festival of The Blank Theatre in Los Angeles in 2021 and has earned multiple FGCU Writing Awards. Through the OCF, Kea was awarded the Critical Language Institute at Arizona State University's Melikian Center to study Russian in 2020 and 2021.

Kea is a recipient of the following awards:

Critical Languages Institute (2020-2021)

Critical Languages Institute (2021-2022)

Kea presenting Honors Thesis

How did your mentor(s) encourage and foster your research and academic trajectory?

 My mentor has helped to shape my academic and career trajectory by encouraging me to explore interdisciplinary practices. Dr. Brock never limited me in his discussion of what I could do and always encouraged me to explore a variety of opportunities. He helped me to see my pursuits as more than just majors or strict categories. Opportunities were always presented and considered as an exploration of passion. This emphasis on learning and exploration within my disciplines has shaped how I think about my academic pursuits as well as my future career. 

What does the OCF mean to you?

The OCF is an encouraging community of like-minded individuals that are willing to be challenged. Seeing the dedication of others, as well as empathizing with each other's struggles, forms the foundation of the OCF community. Dr. T is infinitely helpful in his presentation of opportunities, encouragement towards success, and challenging critique. To me, the OCF means a community of ambitious students that are growing together.

Kea's planning of her play

What is the Critical Language Institute?

The Critical Languages Institute (CLI) at Arizona State University’s Melikian Center is a national training institute for less commonly taught languages, offering summer intensive courses and study-abroad programs around the world. CLI instruction in Arizona and abroad is practically focused and proficiency-based.