Katey Ryan

Katey Ryan

Katey Ryan is a '22 Honors College graduate, with a double major in History and Accounting. Katey has served various roles in the Honors College including Honors College Mentor and Honors College Senate Procedural Chair. Katey also has involvement with the FGCU Scholar Ambassadors, and the student organization Project Narrative. Katey has experience as a History Research Assistant, transcribing Antebellum and Civil War documents, and has served as a transcriber for Everglades National Park. Through funding from the Provost's Office and Honors College Katey was able to explore and design a digital history of FGCU's 25 years as the Arc-GIS Student Manager. Explore the digital history project.

Katey will be attending American University for an MA in Public History. 

Katey is a recipient of the following awards:

National Collegiate Honors Council Student of the Year (2021-2022)

Summer Research Opportunity Program, University of Wisconsin (2021-2022)

White House Historical Association - American University Public History Fellowship (2022-2023)


Katey and faculty mentors

How did your mentor(s) encourage and foster your research and academic trajectory?

My mentors Dr. Jeff Fortney and Dr. Rowan Steineker have helped me grow as a student, researcher, community member, and person. Over the last four years, they guided me as a research assistant on their pedagogical role-playing game and helped me develop my independent research investigating the impacts of Everglades National Park on Native American Nations in South Florida. Working with them, I now know that I want to pursue a doctorate in history and work in the public history field. Because of their mentorship, I will be attending American University (AU) for their MA in Public History and serving as AU's White House Historical Association and Antiracist Research and Policy Center Fellow.

What does the OCF mean to you?

The OCF is an office for dreaming. Before I had an appointment with the OCF, I thought that I would not be able to have a career in history, even though it is what I am most passionate about. Working with the OCF, I have learned to develop an intriguing personal statement and market myself in the best way possible for fellowship opportunities. Working with the OCF, I have also learned the value of persistence and that the end goal of my application is not to win but improve my writing and narrative skills. More than anything, the OCF gave me a community of hard-working, like-minded friends with whom I can celebrate achievements and console each other after hard losses. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities and lessons the OCF provided me.


Katey Ryan

What is the Summer Research Opportunity Program?

"These are unique opportunities for undergraduates to work closely with faculty mentors and graduate students in their major discipline. Students accepted into research programs are matched with faculty whose expertise and interests match the student’s research interest. Students gain valuable skills for success in post-graduate studies and careers in their chosen field. Upon completing their summer research, students have the opportunity to present and receive reviews of their individual work. The SROP goal is to create a diverse academic environment by increasing the number of traditionally underrepresented students in UW–Madison graduate programs and ultimately the professoriate."

What is the White House Historical Association - American University Public History Fellowship?

"The White House Historical Association – American University (WHHA-AU) Public History Fellowship program was established in 2014. By partnering with American University’s Master of Arts in Public History Program, the Association offers full-time graduate students the opportunity to work with our organization during the academic year."