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Scholarships and Fellowships Opportunities

From Gilman to Fulbright, there are many opportunities to travel aboard and immerse yourself in various cultures. These scholarship and fellowships offer students a perspective of global citizenship. 
NOAA Hollings offers students the opportunity to gain hands on experience with science, technology, research, policy and management. NOAA is just one of several scholarship available for students in STEM. 
Whether for public service or social entreprenuership, scholarships like Truman and the Pickering Foreign Service Fellowship are looking for visionaries who want to "be the change" they wish to see in the world. 
Diversity considers a wide range of factors from military veteran status, disability, gender, and race. Awards like FirstGEN, AG Bell, and the Rangel Summer Enrichment Program reflect the diversity found at FGCU. 
Graduate Studies
There are a host of awards to help fund students throughout every discipline of graduate school. These fellowships only represent a handful available for students. Please stop by the office for a more complete list.
These awards are for both fellowships for graduate school as well as for international experiences to teach through Fulbright and the Princeton in programs in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.