Maxym Fairall

Maxym Fairall

Maxym Fairall is a Nursing student in the Honors College at FGCU. Maxym has served across campus as a Supplemental Instruction Leader for Anatomy and Physiology I, as a Frosh Mosh Peer Mentor with the Multicultural and Leadership Development Center, a Chair for the Student Conduct Council, and within the Residential Area Council. Maxym is a recipient of the Summer Health Professions Education Program.

Maxym is a recipient of the following award:

Summer Health Professions Education Program, University of Florida (2020-2021)

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How did  your mentor encourage and foster your research and academic trajectory?

My mentors did a lot for me, mainly in the way of helping me "come out of my shell" and encourage me to always work hard. They instilled in me the reasoning that hard work pays off eventually, and that you must have patience before you can start to see the fruits of your labor flourish. They helped me develop the self-reliance and confidence I needed to pursue opportunities I didn't even know existed and to put my all in securing the future I want through the work I put in now. 


What does the OCF mean to you?

The OCF means opportunity to me. It means a worthy challenge to overcome; an opportunity that cannot go to waste. When you really want something, something you believe is so crucial for your future life, you will do what must be done to achieve that goal. The OCF provides some of those goals and the resources needed to have a chance in accomplishing them. 

Maxym Fairall with members of TRIO at FGCU Challenge Course

What is the Summer Health Professions Education Program?

The Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) works to provide information and resources to college students with an interest in health professions. This summer enrichment program works to enhance the academic and career development of students interested in the health professions. The program includes academic enrichment, learning and study skill development, clinical exposure (through virtual healthcare, simulations, and seminars), career development, financial literacy workshops, and health policy seminars.