Move-In Guide

Tips for Planning Your Move

  • Due to the high volume of traffic and people during move-in, all check-ins will be staggered to alleviate long lines and congestion. Please adhere to the check-in schedule.
  • Bring your own dolly/hand truck to assist with your move-in.
  • Bring water and prepare accordingly for hot or rainy weather conditions.  

Everything You Need to Know Before Arriving

  • What to Bring

  • What Not to Bring

  • Rooms

  • Payments

  • Parking

  • Postal

  • Insurance

  • Dining

  • Emergencies

  • Adaptive Services

Move-In Day

  • Where to Go

  • Unloading & Parking

  • Policies

  • What You Need

  • Maintenance Requests

  • Cleaning Responsibilities

  • Internet Services

  • Cable Television

  • Laundry Facility Maintenance Requests

After You Arrive

  • Your RA & Neighbors

  • Meetings