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We Develop, Guide, and Coordinate Community Engagement

With a service-learning graduation requirement for all undergraduate students, service-learning is integrated into classes, student organizations, FGCU offices, and all of campus culture. The Office of Service-Learning & Civic Engagement (SLCE) also facilitates the promotion of service opportunities through Eagle Link, as well as the tracking, verification, and reporting of all service-learning experiences via Eagle Service Network. To provide deep intentionality with each service-learning experience, the SLCE integrates a number of core frameworks into all programming and initiatives.

To support this deep integration of service-learning, the SLCE conducts nearly 40 classroom presentations and campus wide workshops each year. Additionally, the SLCE trains and collaborates with faculty for nearly 275 classes a year that are designated with a service-learning attribute in the course catalog (search SRVC attribute in the course catalog) as well as advisors and student leaders for over 100 student organizations that each integrate service-learning. The SLCE also trains, coordinates, and manages relationships with over 300 community agencies to help them meaningfully connect with campus, including projects with faculty and students, participation in service-learning fairs, annual "day of service" events, an annual showcase of award-winning service-learning projects, and more. Since its inception, FGCU students have engaged in over 3.7 million hours of service-learning and continue to add approximately 275,000 additional hours each year.

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