Community Partner Resources

Service-learning is foundational to the FGCU experience because of the developmental opportunities it provides for students while engaging in such a meaningful way with the community. However, it would not be possible without so many strong nonprofit and government agency partnerships (over 300 in fact)! This page serves as a resource page for all of our existing and future community partners.

Co-Educator Resources 

Each community partner serves as a co-educator every time they interact with an FGCU student – after all, student learning and student development is half the objective. 

You’re the expert in the work you do. Share your expertise – and passion – every chance you can.

  • Get Started as a Co-Educator

  • Submit a Service-Learning Request

  • Submit a Research-Based Project Request

  • Connect with FGCU Students

  • Verifications of Service-Learning Hours

  • Objective-Based Service-Learning 

  • Community Partner Workshops


Learn more about service-learning and the frameworks from which we operate

Learn more about the FGCU service-learning graduation requirement