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Service-Learning Opportunities

There are three primary methods of finding great service-learning opportunities.

  • Classes 

  • Registered Student Organizations

  • Individual Outreach 

  • Tips on finding a good Community Partner match

  • Tips about reaching out to Community Partners

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Documenting Service-Learning Opportunities 

Community engagement is so deeply valued at FGCU that every undergraduate student has service-learning as part of their degree requirements.  Each student is encouraged to complete this requirement within their first two years of enrolling at FGCU and to do so in a way that connects their passions with their career goals. Learn more about the FGCU  service-learning graduation requirement. 

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It is vital that each student records their service-learning hours in Eagle Service Network at the end of each semester.  Service-learning hours must be tracked and verified with a nonprofit or government agency in Eagle Service Network to count toward the graduation requirement.  Below are a number of resources to assist with the process of tracking and verifying service-learning hours.  Please reach out to servicelearning@fgcu.edu with any questions or concerns.   

Note about Community Partner Pre-ApprovalService-learning experiences can be completed with nearly any nonprofit or government agency.  However, to be certain, a best practice is to get each community partner pre-approved in Eagle Service Network prior to engaging in service.  See the Service-Learning Guide for guidance through the process.

  • Documenting Service-Learning Guides

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