College Reach Out Program

College Reach Out Program is a State of Florida grant-funded program designed to prepare middle and high school students to successfully pursue and complete a post-secondary education.

 The College Reach Out Program was established by the Florida Legislature in 1983 in order to identify, motivate and prepare disadvantaged middle and high school students to complete post-secondary education. The program targets low income and future first-generation college students currently in grades 6 through 12. The program also motivates students to develop basic learning skills, strengthen parent and student understanding of the benefits of postsecondary education, and foster personal and career development through supplemental instruction.

The College Reach Out Program is funded by grants from the Florida Department of Education, the Collier County School District, private donors, and Florida Gulf Coast University. There is NO charge to qualified students and their families to participate in the College Reach Out Program.

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Program Services

Each College Reach Out Program is led by a teacher or staff member who meets with the participants weekly, supporting them academically, recording their program and school-related activities, progress, and encouraging them to reach toward high school graduation and a post-secondary education.  The FGCU College Reach Out Program supports numerous educational activities each academic school year including the following:

Annual Parent-Student Workshop

The Annual Parent-Student Workshop celebrates the achievements of program participants as well as sponsors and professional staff members.  The College Reach Out seniors who have repeated all program requirements receive "Kente Scarves" to wear at their high school graduation if allowable.

Summer Program Experience

The Office of Outreach Programs has created a partnership between the College Reach Out Program, the Scholars Program, and TRIO Talent Search to bring high school and middle school students to the University campus for summer school experiences. Students attend one of four residential camps:

  • Career Exploration - Rising 7th and 8th
  • College Exploration - Rising 8th and 9th
  • ACT Foot Camp - Rising 10th and 11th
  • College Preparation - Rising Seniors
Additional Activities

Leadership Retreats and ACT preparation activities are also offerend on the FGCU Campus.  The Director of Outreach Programs, College Transition specialist, and student interns/volunteers from FGCU visit programs throughout the year to support the Coordinators in their efforts to recruit, retain, and graduate participants.

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  • Parental Involvement

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