Citizen Portal

FGCU Police Department Photo & Video Portal

UPD has set up an invite only portal to receive any photo or video evidence that those involved as witnesses or victims during a criminal or administrative investigation conducted by the FGCU Police Department.

The Florida Gulf Coast University Police Department  (UPD) launched an online portal in order to easily receive photo and video data from the public to help solve criminal or administrative investigations that occur on campus at FGCU. 

Members of the public can follow the instructions below to submit evidence:

  • There must be an crime or incident in which UPD was contacted and responded on campus.
  • You will be sent a text message link by one of our officers. This link will connect you to the evidence portal to submit your photos or video.
  • Upload photos/videos and click “Done”
  • You will be required to put in an ID # which will be the six digit case # given to you by the officer. (Ex: 24####). Enter a category and description of the submitted evidence in the information field. (Example: Burglary in Garage B, 3rd Floor)
  • You will also have to provide your contact information.
  • Once everything is completed, you can finish and submit.
  • Questions or additional information can be submitted to:

Once received, evidence will be reviewed and assigned to the appropriate investigating officer for further review. All attempts will be made to link the submitted evidence to current crime reports and investigations.

To report a crime, please call the non-emergency number at 239-590-1900 and an officer will be dispatched to your location on campus.