Notices and Alerts

Notices and Alerts

The Police Department, in conjunction with other university departments or local law enforcement agencies, issues campus Timely Warning promptly when an incident is considered a serious or continuing threat to students or employees. A Timely Warning is required by Clery Act for the community to be alerted to certain crimes in a timely manner that will aid in prevention of similar crimes. The Timely Warning not only warn, but can include tips and information to promote safety and aid prevention. A Timely Warning will utilize methods to reach the entire community such as the FGCU Alert system (text/social media) and e-mail. These Timely Warnings will be posted on the department website at, at other locations around campus to reach the impacted population, and otherwise distributed as needed via e-mail and text messaging through the FGCU Alert system.


A Crime Alert, sent by UPD, is an emergency or nonemergency e-mail sent to inform the campus of detail information of an incident(s) and providing information and prevention tips and requesting assistance in solving a crime. 


University alerts will be handled through RAVE Alert which will be distributed through text messages, email, social media and other platforms.


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