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MyStudentBody Essentials Course

MyStudentBody provides personalized health information, interactive tools, and coping strategies that are up-to-date and scientifically accurate. The Essentials Course consists of three separate sections covering the topics of alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence.

Completion of the Essentials Course is required for all new undergraduate, transfer, and dual-enrolled students.

Before Getting Started

  • All new undergraduate, transfer, and dual-enrolled students must complete this course

  • ALL of your responses are completely confidential

  • FGCU expects all academic work to be the student's own

  • You must have Adobe Flash and Adobe Acrobat Reader 

  • If you're experiencing technical difficulties with the course

  • Carefully read the Login Instructions before you begin

Getting Started 


  • I attended EVO (Eagle View Orientation) and was told I would get an email from MSB afterwards with instructions and information. Why haven’t I gotten that email yet?

  • I’m a new undergraduate, transfer, or dual-enrolled student required to pass the “Essentials Course” before I can register for next semester. Can I just use my personal email address to get started?

  •   I thought this course was only required for freshman under 21. Is that true?

  • I was asked to take the “Essentials Course” by a campus administrator, but I already completed and passed it. Or, I am not a new undergraduate, transfer, or dual-enrolled student and am being asked to take the “Essentials Course”—how do I get started?  

  • I have to take the “STUDENT CONDUCT” of MSB—what are my instructions?

  • How do I know if I’m required to take the MyStudentBody Essentials Course?

  • What is the school code?

  • The site requires I enter my Social Security Number. I am an international student and do not have a Social Security Number. What should I enter in that space to complete the information?


  • I am a returning user and have forgotten my username and/or password. Help!

  • I'm a returning user, but the system reports I don't have an account. When I try to set up an account with my FGCU Eagle Mail again, it says that UserID is already taken. How can I access my account without having to take the course over again?

  • On the Registration page, I've filled out my information, but the box to click for Terms of Use won't let me click it. What's going on?

  • I am taking the Essentials Course, and I've received a pop-up page that says "Page Cannot Be Displayed." Why is this happening?

  • I can’t seem to see any tools or peer stories. Can you help?

  •  Why can’t I view bar graphs in the Rate Myself reports?

  •   After passing the post-quiz, I was unable to view the certificate of completion. I saw an error page instead. Why?

  • My sound doesn’t work. How do I fix it?

  •  I am trying to complete a MyStudentBody Essentials Course. I have read all of the articles and strategies, and a checkmark appears by each one, yet I can’t seem to move on to the next section. What do I need to do?

  •   I am working with a MAC and am unable to print the certificate. Why?

  • I don’t have a printer, so I can’t print the certificate of completion. I tried to print my certificate on a friend’s computer, but it didn’t work.  


  • When is the hold on my account removed after I’ve taken the Essentials Course?

  • I've passed the MSB Essentials Course for FGCU, but there is still a hold on my account. What’s going on?  


  • How do I know if I’ve passed the MSB Essentials Course?

  •  I finished taking MyStudentBody Essentials Course, but I failed to pass the post quiz for one of the modules. What should I do?

  •   What should I do with my certificate of completion?

  • When do I have to complete this by and what do I have to do?  

  •  My course completion certificate reports that I “DID NOT PASS” the course. What should I do?

  •  I have already completed the MyStudentBody Essentials Course. How do I return to the certificate page to prove that I have completed the course?  



  •  I’m under 21. Can I be sure that no one sees my answers about my drinking?

  •  What do you mean by personalized information?  


  • Whom do I contact with additional questions?

Have alcohol or drug-related questions, issues, or concerns? We have you covered.


Questions about meeting the requirement: pws@fgcu.edu or call (239) 745-4204

Technical issues while taking the course: MyStudentBody Technical Support or e-mail techsupport@mystudentbody.com





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