FGCU Learning Assistant Program

Student Leaders Helping in Active Learning Classes Across Campus.

Learning Assistant Student Teaching at Whiteboard

Learning Assistants (LAs):

  • Engage students directly in the classroom
  • Strengthen their foundational knowledge and reinforce their own prior learning
  • Cultivate valuable mentoring connections with faculty members
  • Build their resumes for graduate school or industry
  • Collaborate on innovative teaching methods
  • Improve communication skills and confidence
  • Earn $14/hour to start and $16/hour as returning LAs, or can choose to earn Service Learning hours
Learning Assistant Program Students in Classroom Photo

I just really appreciate learning assistants and all of their hard work and dedication. I hope that they are able to realize the positive impact they make on their peers. I wish that more professors throughout the university had a Learning Assistant.”


Elementary Calculus Student

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an LA?

  • What do LAs do?

  • What are the expectations of LAs?

  • What is an LAs experience?

  • Why this program?

  • What are the requirements for students to work as LAs?

  • How do I apply?

  • What is the hiring process?

Have Questions?

Reach out to us at laprogram@fgcu.edu or make an appointment with Program Coordinator, Dr. Katie Johnson.

The LA Program is housed in Academic Programs & Curriculum Development and overseen by Associate Provost Dr. Dawn Kirby.


Dr. Katie Johnson

Seidler Hall 212

 (239) 590-7235