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Campus Identification

The Eagle ID Card is the primary identification card used on campus. It is recommended that you carry your Eagle ID Card at all times while on campus. Use it as a lifeline for daily functions around campus. 



  • New Student ID

  • New Employee ID

  • Replacement ID

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New Photo Submission Instructions

The photo you submit will be used to create your official Florida Gulf Coast University ID Card.

The photo must be easily viewed, in focus and recognizable as you or it will be rejected.


Acceptable Photo

Acceptable photo

No Hats/Accessories

No hats

Bad Crop

Bad crop

Too Dark

Too dark


  • Should be taken against a solid, plain, light background (white or other light neutral color preferred)
  • No other objects or persons can be in the photo
  • Wall or a solid backdrop is acceptable
  • Must be a color photo


  • Must be positioned directly facing the camera
  • Must not include sunglasses, headphones, hats, or other accessories anywhere
  • Should be cropped slightly above head to middle of chest
  • Must be the only person in the photo
  • Nothing can be touching the face
  • Photos length and width must be of equal size


Adding Funds To Your Eagle ID Card

Any Eagle Dollars funds deposited into your account can be accessed using your Eagle ID Card.

Flex Dollars purchased along with a meal membership can also be accessed using your Eagle ID Card.

At the beginning of each term, Advanced Book Purchase funds (if/when applicable) for use in the FGCU Bookstore or a meal membership will become available through the Eagle ID Card.

Upon separation from the University, a refund of Eagle Dollars can be obtained for any remaining balance in your account.  A form for this refund can be located at the Cashier’s Office.  Any refund amount will first be applied to any outstanding balances owed to FGCU.

If you have Eagle Dollars in your account at the end of the academic term it will be carried over into the upcoming academic term.