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Computer Energy Usage


Computer Energy Usage

Inspections were done across campus to identify areas where electricity is left on during off hours, and usage audits were conducted before, during, and after normal office hours of Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. Inspections have identified that most lab computers are left on most of time, which significantly increases demand to not only power the equipment, but to keep the air handlers running extra to combat heat generated from the computer equipment.

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Potential Reductions

In conservative estimates, reduced energy consumption in areas left on during idle hours could reduce energy costs between $60,000 and $80,000 annually campus wide.
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Single-Occupancy Office

An individual office could save between $832 and $1,664 per year during a regular work week, if computer equipment was shut off during idle hours (idle hours during a regular working week are determined to be 5pm-7am Monday through Thursday & weekends Friday 5pm to Monday 7am).
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Office Suite

Office suites with 4 computer stations per reception area could save between $5,200 and $10,400 per year if computer equipment was shut off during idle hours (estimations are based on a regular work week).
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Computer Lab

An average computer lab could save between $23,400 and $46,800 per year, if everything was shut off during idle hours (estimations are based on a regular working week, with idle hours determined to be 11 pm-7 am).


Calculations were done through the Office Computer Energy Use spreadsheet and through the Computer Lab Energy Use spreadsheet by using the following statistics for a standard computer lab: 30 CPU, 30 LCD Monitor, 1 Speaker set, 1 Printer, and 1 Scanner. 
For employees, this information is available at Q:\ASPP\Physical Plant Department.

For more information about the Office Computer Energy Use or the Computer Lab Energy Use, please contact the Work Management Center at 590-1370 or wmc@fgcu.edu