Sesar Lorenzo Valle

Year: Junior

Major: Construction Management

Scholarship: Wright Construction Group Scholarship

The Wright Construction Group Scholarship is making it possible for Sesar Lorenzo Valle to meet the goals he has made for himself despite the financial difficulties he faces because his family cannot contribute to his education. To show his gratitude, he works hard at his studies, networks and meets local construction companies and completed an internship last summer with Owen Ames Kimball Company.

During his internship, he was able to shadow superintendents on a jobsite and gained insight from watching them work. He also learned about the importance of meeting deadlines. He is thankful for this type of experience that allows him to experience his future career in such an up-close way.

“I view a scholarship as an investment in a person,” he says. “It means the sponsor believes that student has great potential. I want to follow through on my plan and establish a career in construction.”

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