Help Shape the University That Shaped You

School pride doesn’t have to fade away after graduation. The Alumni Association can help you keep memories of college days and friendships alive while engaging in a lifetime commitment to guide the university's future. There are several ways to ensure your FGCU legacy.

Brick Paver

Brick Paver Program

Leave your legacy on campus forever by purchasing a brick paver on the Alumni Legacy Palza.

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Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund

Help make a student's dream a reality by donating to the FGCU Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.

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Annual support

Annual Support

A gift to FGCU can support a cause that matters to you: your college, the Campus Food Pantry or your favorite athletic team, just to name a few.

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Future Eagles Club

You can provide the start of your child's connection to Florida Gulf Coast University through the Future Eagles Club. This club is designed to educate legacies about the university and strengthen their bond to the place loved by Eagles everywhere. 

Once an Eagle, Forever an Eagle

Once you leave campus, the best way to retain school ties and friendships is through the Alumni Association. Before you graduate, make a commitment to remain part of the family by joining Forever an Eagle. Enjoy benefits such as the discount program, networking options and exclusive events.

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Alumni Legacy Walk

Why join? Let Christian tell you. ”

I love being a Forever Eagle because it has presented me countless opportunities to network and stay connected with the university and my fellow alumni.