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Board of Directors


Meet the Board

 Executive Committee

Michael NachefMichael Nachef '10 

Ryan KingRyan King '06 '09 

Nadege PierreNadege Pierre '13

Isabela Mills McCabeIsabela Mills McCabe '11 '14
Awards & Recognition Chair

Lisa HalpinLisa Halpin '15 '18
Development Chair

Jessica Carter PeerJessica Peer '09 '21
Outreach Chair

Payton MitchellPayton Mitchell '15
Programming Chair



Ian AckermanIan Ackerman '18

Cynthia Bennett

Cynthia Bennett '99

Janeth Castrejon

Janeth Castrejon '19

Philip CirronePhillip Cirrone '11

Alex ConradAlex Conrad '10 '14

Tina EkladTina Ekblad '04 '08

Abanob Farag

Abanob Farag '18

Wyler Gins

Wyler Gins '16

Angel HernandezAngel Hernandez '15

vacant headshot

Coral Huffman '11 '19

Loren Ifcher ' 15

Loren Ifcher '15

Carol Lee

Carol Lee '09

Josh LewisJosh Lewis '14

David Merrill

David Merrill '13

Bonie Montalvo

Bonie Montalvo '13

Malaina MoteMalaina Mote '15

ItaIta Neymotin '19

Anthony PardalAnthony Pardal '09

Sarah Stauring

Sarah Stauring '17 '19

Rachel StrykerRachel Stryker '08

Sofia Wardell

Sofia Wardell '19

Bradley Williams

Bradley Williams '16


Stefen Wynn '09


Join the Board

Board members instill pride in FGCU through example. They promote and assist with programs and attend key alumni events, inspiring other graduates to give their time, talents and financial support to academic programs, research and service opportunities. Members of the board of directors serve two-year terms.

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