Eagle Mentor Program

We Connect Students With Professionals to Create Career-focused Ties

Students are steered toward professional success by mentors who share real-world perspectives, information on career paths and the general wisdom they have acquired through life experience. Anyone can participate, regardless of where they live, but mentors are asked to commit to the program for a minimum of one year.

Eagle Mentor

Support, Motivate and Coach an Eagle

As a mentor, you will make a difference in students’ lives by sharing life experiences and professional advice with your mentees. Mentors help mold and shape current students to become future professionals and leaders within the community. 

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Eagle mentor

Find an Alumni Mentor in Your Field

Benefit from advice, training and counseling from a professional in the career you're interested in. Internships and job opportunities can result from being a mentee. Mentees are asked for a one-year commitment, and they can choose to become mentors once they graduate.

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Eagle Mentor Program

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