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The B.A. in Music provides a solid foundation in music, including study in music theory, aural skills, piano, music history, applied music and music ensembles.

Multiple career paths are accessible following the completion of the B.A. in Music including music business, marketing, arts management, entertainment, independent teaching, music entrepreneurship, free-lance musician and arts-based non-profit human services. Students will be prepared to continue with graduate studies in music with a professional emphasis including music teaching, musicology, music theory, composition and arts management as well as many others. Students will be able to study music while preparing for careers in other areas including professions such as law, medical sciences, administration, higher education, or human services such as (speech, occupational, and physical therapy), as well as counseling and clinical psychology. By focusing on a versatile liberal arts curriculum, the program provides students a comprehensive academic education that fosters creative and intellectual engagement across many disciplines.

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