Department of Biological Sciences

Biology is Life!

The Department of Biological Sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University is committed to discovery, development, and dissemination of knowledge to our students, university, and global community. We study the incredible diversity of life in all of its forms and functions, from the molecular and cellular, to the organisms and ecosystems. Our mission is to provide a strong foundation in the biological sciences through classroom instruction, experiential learning, and hands-on research. We are student-centered, diverse, and passionate in our teaching and research endeavors. We strive to develop scientists who can apply their knowledge to real world problems by encouraging inquiry, scientific literacy, curiosity, and collaboration.


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Meet the Biological Sciences Faculty & Staff

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Department Chair, Biology/Professor
WH 0246
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Bravo, Gissela
Administrative Specialist II, Biological Sciences
WH 0245
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Program Coordinator/Professor
WH 0250
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Program Coordinator/Associate Professor, Cellular Biology
WH 0247