Biology BS

The B.S. in Biology provides a strong foundation in the biological sciences and includes a solid background in chemistry, math, and physics. Graduates are prepared for both immediate entry into the job market or continuing education in professional and graduate programs.

The B.S. degree includes three concentrations: Microbiology, Organismal Biology & Ecology, and Pre-Professional Biology. The concentrations share a common core of required biology courses, with each concentration having additional specific requirements. Each concentration requires an individualized research and presentation experience that emphasizes development of communication and critical thinking skills. 

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Program Requirements    

4 year plan to graduation Marine Biology4 year plan to graduation Microbiology    4 year plan to graduation organismal    4 year plan to graduation Pre-professional

Bio-Accelerated BS

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Faculty and Students collaborate in real world scientific research and scholarship.


Students can further develop their scientific knowledge and skills and get experience in a chosen career through internships with our community partners.

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We have many ways for students to engage in the department, university, and community with more than 15 clubs and organizations.

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Genetics, Evolution, Behavioral Ecology, Molecular Methods
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Administrative Specialist II, Biological Sciences
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