Biotechnology BS

Biotechnology may be defined broadly as the use of living organisms, or their products, to improve human, animal, or plant life, or the environment. This broad definition has been used as the basis for the design of this program.

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Students will gain an understanding of living organisms at the cellular and molecular level through the core courses in the major. The electives will expand their opportunities of acquiring knowledge of organisms at the organismal level and in relationship with their environment. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning and provides undergraduate research experience. Students learn through elective courses and research how to apply biological knowledge to solve current problems in fields such as Agriculture, Medicine, Environmental and Marine Sciences.

The program prepares students for:
  • pursuing graduate studies
  • entering the work force in industrial, academic or governmental laboratories
  • acceptance into medical, dental, veterinary or pharmacy schools


Faculty and Students collaborate in real world scientific research and scholarship.


Students can further develop their scientific knowledge and skills and get experience in a chosen career through internships with our community partners.

Student Engagement

We have many ways for students to engage in the department, university, and community with more than 15 clubs and organizations.

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