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Tax Structure

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Tax Structure

Last Updated: January 26th, 2024

Income Tax

Florida does not have an individual state income tax.

Sales Tax

Statewide, the sales tax is 6 percent. Charlotte and Glades County each have an additional local tax of 1 percent, making the sales tax 7 percent. Hendry County has an additional 1.5% added to their tax rate, giving them an overall sales tax rate of 7.5%. Lee County has an additional local tax of 0.5%, giving the county a total sales tax of 6.5 percent. Finally, Collier County does not have a local option sales tax, remaining at 6 percent.

For more information on the sales tax rates, click here.

COUNTY statewide sales tax rate local option sales tax rate total SALES TAX rate
Charlotte 6% 1% 7%
Collier 6% 0% 6%
Glades 6% 1% 7%
Hendry 6% 1.5% 7.5%
Lee 6% 0.5% 6.5%

Property Tax

Millage rates in 2023 for Southwest Florida varied between 9.9575 (Collier) and 18.3366 (Glades). 

For more information on property tax rates, click here.

Charlotte 16.2885 16.1645 -0.1240
Collier 10.5791 9.9575 -0.6216
Glades 18.3705 18.3366 -0.0339
Hendry 17.7003 17.5174 -0.1829
Lee 14.4523 14.3008 -0.1515

Corporate Income Tax

Florida corporate income tax liability is computed using federal taxable income, modified by certain Florida adjustments, to determine adjusted federal income. The Florida Corporate Income Tax rate is 5.5 percent. For more information on corporate income tax rates, click here.