EDUCamp 2023

Tuesday, June 27th - Friday, June 30th


EDUCamp 2023 is an overnight, on-campus camp for high school students interested in careers in education.

Interested students should submit an application form through the link below.  

The application for EDUCamp 2023 is now closed. All submitted applications are currently under review.

An email confirming all submissions will be sent out the first week of April, 2023.


Preparing To Attend EDUCamp

  • Who is eligible for EDUCamp?

  • Where do students stay during EDUCamp?

  • What do students eat during EDUCamp?

  • What kind of activities are included in EDUCamp?

  • What should students pack for EDUCamp?

  • Who do I contact for questions/concerns before, during and after EDUCamp?

how to pack educamp