Teacher Immersion Program (TIP)

Program Overview


Whether you are a career-changer with a passion for teaching or a current teacher seeking to meet Florida State certification requirements, FGCU’s Teacher Immersion Program offers a unique and effective way for you to meet your professional goals. 

Advantages of a state-approved Educator Preparation Institute 

  • Upon completion of the TIP program, you will be qualified to receive a 5-year Professional Educator’s Certificate from the Florida Department of Education.
  • Certification through a state-approved program means greater portability relative to other certification routes, and certification is recognized by states which have teacher certification reciprocity with Florida.
  • TIP completers will find their skills more marketable in a competitive job market.

The TIP Internship 

  • TIP allows candidates who may have limited or no teaching experience to spend time in a real K-12 classroom, developing lesson plans, working with students and assuming actual classroom responsibilities.
  • TIP provides opportunity to work with a highly-qualified internship supervisor and a cooperating teacher in a local school district.
  • TIP provides an excellent way for beginning teachers to make contacts in the local schools.

Teacher Immersion Program at FGCU



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