Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose

FGCU offers the benefits of a traditional doctoral program including close collaboration with professors and colleagues, while allowing me to continue growth in my career.

 Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose always had a passion for education — as a student and more recently as a teacher.  When the time came for her to begin her doctorate, FGCU’s doctorate in education leadership was the obvious choice. 

“This program offered me the flexibility of remaining in my high school teaching position while also allowing a traditional and interactive approach to earning the degree, including opportunities for close collaboration with colleagues on coursework and with professors on research,” she says.

During her time at FGCU, Amanda has thrived within the cohort structure of the doctorate program, which encourages a supportive environment throughout every step of the journey.  Levels of comfort with colleagues in the cohort offered opportunities throughout coursework for in-depth and engaging discussions with individuals in diverse educational settings and with varied backgrounds.  

Another defining experience was the opportunity to serve as a graduate assistant to professors in FGCU’s College of Education. In this part-time, paid role, Amanda served as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate and graduate course.  She also co-authored three scholarly journal publications and presented research at international education conferences in Canada and Washington, D.C.  In light of her achievements, she was named FGCU’s 2016-17 Graduate Student of the Year.

Amanda, who earned a bachelor’s degree in English and master’s in educational leadership at the University of Florida, is currently writing her dissertation on the professional development needs of alternative certification teachers in Florida. 

“I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had at FGCU and excited to see where the doctoral degree takes me,” she says. 


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