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Sending a Child To College Is a Transition for You Too

We are excited that you, as parents and family members, are part of the FGCU family, and we look forward to partnering with you as you assist your student during this important part of his/her life. We have gathered great resources to help your student's college experience be as successful as possible. We recognize the partnership between parents and families and their students’ education, and your student views you as an integral part of their support system. Our goal is to give you the necessary resources to help you understand how to best support your student at college so that together we can facilitate the kind of education that they deserve.


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with some of our campus resources, such as the college catalog, programs, and upcoming events. Use these to learn more about what your student will be doing with their time while attending FGCU. In addition, check out the latest FGCU Family Business Newsletter to catch up on whats going on this month.

Letting Go
Grown and Flown
When Your Kid Goes to College
You're on Your Own (But I'm Here If You Need Me)
Navigating the First College Year A Guide for Parents
Out To Sea: A Parents' Survival Guide for the Freshman Voyage


Are You Concerned About Your Student?

Parents and family members are often the first people a student calls when they are having difficulties in college. There are situations that arise throughout the academic year, when parents or families need to get involved or seek help for their student. Due to FERPA regulations, it can be difficult to get answers on behalf of your student. Below are some resources that can be of assistance.

  • Concerned about your student

  • Counseling-related concerns

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Student Health Services


Parent and Family Council Applications

The Parent and Family Council works in conjunction with the University’s overall mission through recruitment, outreach, and supporting of student, parents, and families.


REQUIREMENTS: To qualify for membership on the Council, individuals:

  • Must have a currently enrolled undergraduate student at FGCU;
  • Must serve on the council for, at least, one full academic year;
  • Attend a minimum of two Eagle Family Council meetings throughout the academic year (virtually or in-person);
  • Attend a minimum of three in-person or virtual recruitment or orientation events to share their experience with prospective or incoming family members;
  • Contribute at least one article, post, or letter to a publication supporting FGCU parents and families (Facebook page, Family Business Newsletter, Parent and Family Guide, etc…)

For more information, follow this link: Parent and Family Council







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